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A Worry-Free Solution for your Comfort and Needs

Nitro-Lion® Sterile

Powder-Free Nitrile (Latex-Free) Surgical Glove, Sterile

Nitro-Lion® Sterile Nitrile Surgical gloves are made from synthetic nitrile and deliver similar characteristics in comfort, protection and performance as natural rubber latex gloves without the risk or concern of natural rubber latex allergy.

The Nitro-Lion® Sterile damp donning powder-free surgical gloves are specially designed to enhance double gloving practices In the healthcare industry. The donning surface of the gloves is innovatively designed with a proprietary blend of polymer coatings to enable effortless damp and dry hand donning.

Nitro-Lion® Sterile Exam Gloves are powder-free and tested for use with chemotherapy drugs (see label).  Also labelled as Non-pyrogenic.  


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