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A Worry-Free Solution for your Comfort

Nitro-Lion® Sterile

Powder-Free Nitrile Surgical Glove

Nitro-Lion® Sterile surgical gloves are made from synthetic nitrile and deliver similar characteristics in comfort, protection and performance as natural rubber latex gloves without the risk concern of natural rubber latex allergy.

The Nitro-Lion® Sterile damp donning powder-free surgical gloves are specially designed to enhance double gloving practices In the healthcare industry. The donning surface of the gloves is innovatively designed with a proprietary blend of polymer coatings to enable effortless damp and dry hand donning.


These gloves are ideal for users who are concerned about latex protein allergy.

1.    Non-Latex Synthetic Material to protect against Type I allergy.

2.    Powder Free Solution.

3.    Ergonomic Fit to mimic a relaxed hand.

4.    Hand Specific anatomical shape provides enhanced fitting, comfort and dexterity.

5.    Micro-Textured Finish design to provide just the right texture needed for grip while allowing smooth suturing glide.

6.    Beaded Cuff to ease sterile donning procedure.

7.    Longer Cuff than standard glove length allows better hold over gown.

8.    Soft Film to provide added comfort during prolonged surgical procedures.

9.    Unique Skin Grip for good Instrument handling.

10. Tacky band to secure gloves over gown and prevent roll-down.

11. Easy Donning for both dry and damp hands.

12. Double Gloving for enhanced protection in perforation vulnerable procedures.

13. 100% Air Inflation tested with AQL 0.65 to provide industry's highest quality guarantee in barrier protection.

14. Batch number printed on cuff for good traceability in glove identification.

15. Pass Viral Penetration resulting in additional safety guarantee.

17. Tested for use with chemotherapy drugs when used as a double layer with under-gloves (See Label).

18. Packed In a non-fiber peel film pouch with easy peel system.

Highest Protection for Rigorous Procedures

Nitro-Lion® Sterile

Nitrile Examination Gloves, Sterile

Nitrile material is known to provide better resistance to punctures and chemicals in comparison to natural rubber latex. That is why Nitro-Lion® Powder Free nitrile sterile examination gloves are the ideal choice when susceptibility to perforation and chemical exposure in a sterile or controlled environment are high and definite. These gloves have high durability against snags and tears to provide the maximum protection needed during rigorous procedures. The gloves also offer better coverage against incidental exposure to various chemicals and solvents.

The Nitro-Lion® Powder Free nitrile sterile examination gloves do not contain natural rubber latex and serve as a solution for individuals who are sensitive to natural rubber latex and donning powder containing natural rubber proteins, thus eliminating exposure to Type I allergy concerns.

1.    Powder-free solution for healthcare environment sensitive to powder particles.

2.    Ambidextrous for non-invasive use.

3.    Non-Latex (Nitrile material) to prevent Type I allergy potentials.

4.    Beaded Cuff to ease sterile donning procedure with a better hold.

5.    Available in Standard or Long cuff design.

6.    Medium Grip and Full Textured Finish for optimum handling of tools.

7.    Easy Donning for dry hands.

8.    Low endotoxin provides safer choice during use from potential postoperative infections.

9.    Biocompatible from any potentially harmful physiological effects such as skin irritation and skin sensitization.

10. Pass Viral Penetration resulting in an additional safety guarantee to barrier.

11. Tested with chemotherapy drugs (See Label).

12. Packed in a non-fiber peel film pouch with easy peel system.

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